We strive to understand our client’s requirements to ensure the design is personal and meets the tastes, character and personality of the individual and/or family living in the home.


We listen and design the garden of your dreams to meet your needs!


Our team take over your garden and transform the vision into a reality!


New gardens need attention so we help ensure your investment thrives!


Recycling is critical to the sustainability of our environment, but unfortunately often easier said than done! We can help you install home recycling and/or composting systems so you can independently manage your home and garden waste. 

What about all the extras?

A garden is not just about the plants, and there are lots of extras which we incorporate into your garden to make the most of the overall design.


Best practice irrigation to ensure your garden thrives without the maintenance of hand watering.


Outdoor entertainment is essential in South Africa, we are sociable beings and with our climate what better place to entertain than right outside in your own garden.


Public parks are no longer an option. We can include a playground in your garden design so your family can enjoy the outdoors within the safety of your home.


Ponds and water features, custom built or standard precasts, we do it all!

Food Gardens

No garden is complete without a vegetable and/or herb garden! If space is an issue, don’t worry, we also do container food gardens.


Critical for all gardens so you can enjoy the view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.