how it works…

The most important factor when designing a garden is getting to know the client.  We try our best to understand who you are, what you want and how best to make it happen!  We strive to make the most of what you have and work with you to ensure the final product is everything you wanted and more!


We will book a consultation and meet you at your premises in order to discuss the following:

Your requirements – your wants and needs, the nice to have and the necessary.  We will do a full walk around your property and see how best we can create your dream garden.

Your budget – we need to understand your budget so we can cater for what is affordable within your financial means and give you everything you need within your budget.

We will also assess your garden (take measurements and photos) in order to prepare the site concept plan for your garden.  

Concept & Costing

We will provide you with a concept plan for your garden – this is a rough sketch of our design recommendations for your garden.  It will also include a mood board and/or plant palette which will give you an indication of the types of plants suitable for your garden taking the overall style and budget into account.   We will also include a costing for the installation of your garden.

If more detail is required, as is usually the case for brand new gardens on building sites, then we will also recommend a formal 3D rendered design of the garden which will include more detail in terms of hard and soft landscaping.  There is an additional cost for a formal design so this is only recommended where necessary and majority of the time we install based on a concept plan.


The Garden Girl team will manage the installation of your garden from beginning to end.


New gardens need tender loving care while the plants settle into their new home. We understand that time is often limited so we offer a variety of management solutions to suit your needs. These can include the following:

Weekly and/or monthly maintenance to ensure everything is on track

Seasonal services seedlings, fertiliser, compost, etc

Gardener training to ensure the long term success of your garden